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All our classes are based delivered to coinciding with school terms. We also offer a range of classes in school holidays. Shows are put on at the end of every term so you can see progress in action.



Applause Theatre School offers dance programs with our experience dance coach Kate. Classes are for a Younger Group (Aged 5-10), a Middle Group (aged 10-14)  and an Older Group (Aged 14-18).


Sam Bradshaw teaches our Drama classes. With more than 25 years of experience teaching, you are in safe hands.  Classes are for a Younger Group (Aged 5-10), a Middle Group (aged 10-14)  and an Older Group (Aged 14-18).



Veca teaches singing. Like Sam, Veca has years of experience working with students on a one-one or group basis. Classes are for a Younger Group (Aged 5-10), a Middle Group (aged 10-14)  and an Older Group (Aged 14-18).

Stage Craft

In addition to our range of taught classes, we also run a series of short workshops throughout the year. These include: 

  • Stage Makeup

  • Stage Combat

  • Shakespeare

  • Voice & Diction

  • Set Design

  • Costume Design

  • Creative Writing

  • Audio & Video


Term Dates and Classes Timetable

Younger Group

13th Sept: Singing -> Drama -> Dance

20th Sept: Drama -> Dance -> Singing

27th Sept: Dance -> Singing -> Drama

4th Oct: Singing -> Drama -> Dance

11th Oct: Drama -> Dance -> Singing

18th Oct: Dance -> Singing -> Drama

25th Oct: Singing -> Drama -> Dance

Half Term

8th Nov: Drama -> Dance -> Singing

15th NovDance -> Singing -> Drama

22nd Nov: Singing -> Drama -> Dance

29th Nov: Drama -> Dance -> Singing

6th Dec: Dance -> Singing -> Drama

13th Dec: Singing -> Drama -> Dance

Christmas Holiday

13th Sept: Drama -> Dance -> Singing

20th Sept: Dance -> Singing -> Drama

27th Sept: Singing -> Drama -> Dance

4th Oct: Drama -> Dance -> Singing

11th Oct: Dance -> Singing -> Drama

18th Oct: Singing -> Drama -> Dance

25th Oct: Drama -> Dance -> Singing

Half Term

8th Nov: Dance -> Singing -> Drama

15th NovSinging -> Drama -> Dance

22nd Nov: Drama -> Dance -> Singing

29th Nov: Dance -> Singing -> Drama

6th Dec: Singing -> Drama -> Dance

13th Dec: Drama -> Dance -> Singing

Christmas Holiday

Older Group

Middle Group

13th Sept: Dance -> Singing -> Drama

20th Sept: Singing -> Drama -> Dance

27th Sept: Drama -> Dance -> Singing

4th Oct: Dance -> Singing -> Drama

11th Oct: Singing -> Drama -> Dance

18th Oct: Drama -> Dance -> Singing

25th Oct: Dance -> Singing -> Drama

Half Term

8th Nov: Singing -> Drama -> Dance

15th NovDrama -> Dance -> Singing

22nd Nov: Dance -> Singing -> Drama

29th Nov: Singing -> Drama -> Dance

6th Dec: Drama -> Dance -> Singing

13th Dec: Dance -> Singing -> Drama

Christmas Holiday

Classes & workshops: Programs

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